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Take a look at the new film Formulas with a running time of 2:04 minutes. (435 MB)

It's a short film with an abstract mathematical language describing the birth of a new intellect represented by original music made in FastTracker 2 for DOS and images created using Blender for Windows, the 2D-graphics program "Krita" and some video editing software.

It was a joy of creation that needed some preparations mostly concerning the technical aspects of the film-making.

The poster to the film can be downloaded in larger size here.

The most remarkable thing about this film was that it was made in a frenzy during only three days. Rewarding the filmmaker with new insights into the process of filmmaking leading to new visions for his coming films.

A version of the film with Swedish subtitles can be downloaded here.

A 3D-rendering made by Andreas Ingo representing the times of the ancient greeks.

The temple "Parthenon" in particular was the inspiration behind this work simply called "In Ancient Greece".

Download an image of the 3D-rendering here.

Is it something about the greek philosopher Aristotle resulting in "heroic" conquests by Alexander The Great around 350 BC?

A video presentation of the model can be downloaded here. (8 MB)


A new computer animated film by Andreas Ingo made in programs such as Blender, FastTracker II and Krita.

Made with the intention to bring people to enlightenment an experimental mindset went into the making of the film. A daring adventure beyond the concepts of "should be" to find an original vision grounded in the reality of the occult universe.

Watch the film and enjoy! APPEARANCE (4:18 minutes - 885 MB)

This film was very hard technologically speaking.

But even more challenging than computer technology was the scientific approach to solve new problems on the way and to endure many working hours. The idea in the film emerged in a nightly dream.

A version with swedish subtitles can be downloaded here.

Take a look and enjoy!

. ~ . OCEANIC . ~ .

An underwater demonstration with a striking similarity to James Cameron's The Abyss but more futuristic.

A look the animator (Andreas Ingo) has in mind for some of his coming films.

An abstract underwater scenario with mecha sharks, underwater implosions and more of the same kind.

Take a look at the demo and enjoy!

OCEANIC (16 seconds - 12 MB)


A 3D-presentation of a CGI-flag using cloth effects in Blender.

Something made in spare time to develop skills for future films. Really hard to get to look right requiring a wind-object, some fluctuations and quite complex finetuning of settings.

Take a look at the video and enjoy!

FLAG (7 seconds - 2.6 MB)

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