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. . . TRAVEL STORIES . . .

Here is a series of writings written during extended periods of travel in South East Asia, In Central Europe And Northern Africa. These writings are written in a lucid way and doesn't entirely represent the consciousness of the writer (Andreas Ingo) in this point of time. These writings are rather fragments from an earlier period in his life where he travelled the world in search for new experiences, adventures and enlightenment.

A lot of content is about the author's previous idea of the individual soul, how it connects to his own path in travel and how this has changed himself as a person. Affirming soul, passions and individuality. Affirming a healthy ego, personal power and love to help himself and others along their own paths in life. Neglecting the unbalanced focus upon the intellect in the modern world as an example as readings of science-articles, working 9-5 and watching television shows many times can make people drained of energy and make some individuals lose interest in life.

The travel writer (Andreas Ingo) has very much been rewarded for these travel articles as they have pushed some people along their own paths -
one individual getting experience with a foreign woman and applying for an "international" job,
one of them realizing he searched for something he barely could understand and
one of them finding his place in the world in a new city closer to "continental" Europe
where many mysteries concerning human history have made him reconsider some "truths" in life!

Nowadays the author enjoys travel in his home country Sweden making films and presenting these films for a national audience. And he's mostly interested in spiritual revolution using films written and directed by himself to accomplish the task. He has become a bit more intellectual but not interested in the kind of intellect that neglects base emotions to the detriment of the individual soul it's rather an intellect affirmed for intellectual stimulation!

He has not forgotten the philosophy as of before!


Please note: Previously Andreas Ingo wasn't so much interested in reading other travel blogs out there.
This was due to the fact that he had to find the way to his own voice,
to his individuality
that existed beyond the norms of
most travel blogs on the net.

This has changed.

Nowadays he rather enjoys reading other blogs concerning travel because he has entered
a stage of personal development where he's comfortable with himself
and enjoys to push other travel writers along their own paths and to share travel stories,
travel tips and much more.

He now look upon life as a shared learning experience not an isolated one!


Here is a series of articles written in South East Asia as the writer (Andreas Ingo) explored the countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam for a period of three and a half months from the end of December 2014 to the end of Mars 2015. The travel experiences were very intense with visits to the Thailand city of Hua Hin, also paradise islands along the western coastline of Cambodia, the mountain regions of Laos and a visit to the Ha Long Bay along the north-eastern coastline of Vietnam.

In addition to the actual travel experiences the traveller ate a lot of delicious street food, met peculiar individuals and wrote for the hell of it to put his thoughts to the paper and he wrote on a lot of subjects coming up as he found out many harsh truths concerning the world from his own perspective.

Also he found many truths of himself inside.

The travel stories can be downloaded as a PDF-File here.

2015-02-15 -
Guesthouse In Chiang Khong Above.

2015-01-25 -
Angle From Kaoh Rong Islands In The Gulf Of Thailand To The Left.

Andreas Ingo slept upon Kaoh Rong Islands several nights - on the beach and in an abandoned quest house in a tree - dreaming about conquests in outer space, 2001: A Space Odyssey and much more...

2015-02-15 -
On The Border Between Thailand And Laos To The Right.

The vista seen here was overwhelming in real life with the country of Laos seen on the far side of the river and Thailand being on the closer side...

2014-11-19 - Anarchy

2014-11-23 - The Beyond

2014-11-27 - Strangers

2015-01-25 - Politics

2015-01-28 - Outer Space

2015-01-29 - Evolution

2015-01-29 - Love

2015-02-01 - Dangers

2015-02-01 - Freedom

2015-02-17 - Adventure

2015-02-18 - Things Change

2015-02-20 - The Occult

2015-02-22 - Music

2015-02-22 - The Love

2015-02-23 - Alien

2015-02-10 (Give or take a couple of days):

Slept in the cheap guesthouse to the right in Pai a couple of days.

Pai is a city pretty much occupied by tourists in the northern part of Thailand. The photo on the right depict a room in the cheapest guesthouse in Pai I could find! I was at times pretty much in delirium but occasionally feeling elevated and at the top of the world!

The bus ride up to Pai in northern Thailand from Chiang Mai was an overwhelming experience: The sense of high-altitude, the lush jungle, the sense of the realization of a long childhood dream!

Other tourists, bus-drivers and me had a couple of breaks along the mountain road to buy fruit, candy and other things from locals in this high-altitude area of Thailand!

It felt pretty surreal!


It's getting better all the time...

One of the expressions from a friend I met in Hua Hin, Thailand. That's how this journey have been: Ups and downs, but mostly up, up, up. It's like science, observing what's happening and thinking about it in an objective way. Emotionally I mostly color things in black or white, truth is something between those extremes. But sometimes you just write about what you feel because it makes you feel better, true or false. I'm writing about my emotions. But I'm getting more rational overall, the only way to keep the spirit alive.

I've discovered that the greatest enemy is within - impulses to extend my thinking into the leap of faith. Like believing in mindless revolutions, like hitting on a girl just because of my sexual drive. You have to put it into perspective: Not killing your emotions, because without emotion no life. But guided by intellect, put restrain on the emotional impulse, and then noticing that emotion increases, just because you don't make a fool of yourself.

I still believe in revolution though: But revolution is a delicate thing. Creating a system with a scientific approach: Study, observe, evaluate, think. Make experiments and evaluate. If success go further, if failure think again. Go one step at a time, slowly, patient and don't forget about yourself! A dead intellectual is a good case for a lost revolution.

You learn as time passes. I'm working on books and the content is just getting better with time. I was all about emotion before. Emotional value, landscapes, storytelling as a means of entertainment. But that was just a precursor for things to come. I learned from my failures and success and incorporated those concepts in the writing that came later. Which was more about ideas. I didn't like it at first but was overwhelmed later, when I discovered that my ideas could be put to use for the general public as possibilities, stimulating free thought.

My coming book is about a revolution in the future, modified from the treatment I presented a couple of days ago. You write, rewrite and formulate a clearer picture of what you searched for in the beginning.

Hopefully arriving at more depth.

What more?

I'm starting to help my friends. At one point I was silent. Didn't know what to say. And it was a wise decision. But as my intellect expanded I started to analyze the meetings I had and started to see that the problems I saw actually had a solution. I just couldn't see it before because I believed in the wrong things. I always have been afraid of power. To influence anything. Because I thought I knew nothing. But that's nihilism and nihilism is a very destructive thing. So I had to give it up in the end.

What I started to do was not simple. I started to be more honest to myself. What did I do that didn't work? What did I do that actually worked? What didn't work was talking without head, just assuming I had the answers. I tried on many occasions but didn't get any attention. But when I really started to analyze life, myself and my past relations, not according to mindless assumptions but informed by the reality of the thing I had a new understanding. And with this new understanding I got the attention I wanted. People I talked to gave the impression they almost knew about the "answers" before but just hadn't thought about them.

No greater satisfaction than helping a friend.

But things comes and goes. You just have to do what you think is right during the circumstances. Sometimes you think you know nothing and it's nothing you can do. I think it's all about the balance: Go with what you found out by your own research, think about it and discard the rest.

Believing in nothing but your theoretical framework.

Hanoi streets below.

End of Mars 2015:

Ha Long Bay (As seen in the photo to the left) along the north-east coast of Vietnam. I travelled in a nice ship with other travellers. A ship from which we entered a dark cave system on a small island. Some travellers had some smaller canoe rides in the bay.

I talked with a war veteran on board the ship that reluctantly talked about the Vietnam war experience. Something dark was seen in his eyes and he went silent.

I left the man alone.

The ship ride ended with a nice conclusion of my South East Asia adventure:

To find I could finally become social and put forward things on the table - something which happened as I came back to Sweden!

I felt self-realized!

A Journey Into Primal Self
To Uncover Many Secrets
In Many Lands Experienced
By Traveller Fully Awake!

The following articles were written during a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark in the end of August 2015 leading to a surprise visit to Berlin, Germany and then onwards to Cape Town, South Africa several weeks later. They are written with a writer's frame of mind as Andreas Ingo describes what the Copenhagen experience was to him.

Revealing are texts about the Danish writer's Soren Kirkegaard and H.C Andersen and a few comments are made regarding Andreas Ingo's own writing projects.

2015-08-28 - Impressions From Denmark

2015-08-31 - The Ugly Duckling

2015-09-01 - The Metamorphosis

2015-09-05 - Horror Writing

These articles were written during a trip to Southern Spain and Tangier, Morocco conducted by the author (Andreas Ingo) during the beginning of September 2016 towards the beginning of November 2016 as an attempt to merge with Spanish architecture in the city of Seville, to eat tapas during the beginning of the day and sleep in parks during the afternoon.

The climate in Southern Spain were very hot and as the author continued south towards the coastline of Spain he discovered the white mountain city of Ubrique (As seen on the photo above) several miles south of Seville where several natural reserves connected in a single point.

He slept for himself in these mountains.

2016-09-12 - Seville, Spain

2016-09-16 - Seville, Spain (Continued)

2016-10-02 - Ubrique, Spain

2016-10-13 - Algeciras, Spain

2016-11-03 - Tangier, Morocco

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